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Welcome intrepid explorer — or programmer. If you came here looking for the
previous incarnation of WolfMUD — the Java version — then please follow this
beautifully hand crafted link made especially for you: java-archive/index.html

If on the other hand you are more adventurous stay a while and read on. For
WolfMUD is being reborn… it’s being written again, from scratch. This time
in the Go programming language and released under the BSD 2-Clause license.

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    What is WolfMUD? Who is it for? What can it do?

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    30 years of WolfMUD development from 1984-2014

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    Get WolfMUD binaries and source code

  ~ Grand Plan
    What to expect from the Go WolfMUD rewrite

  ~ Initial Announcement
    Initial news of Go WolfMUD rewrite

 ++ Java Archive
    Last resting place for the Java version of WolfMUD

  ~ Journal - Latest Entry (Sunday 26th May, 2024)
    It’s alive!

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