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                                THE GRAND PLAN

From architects to evil geniuses we all need a grand plan. This is the current
grand plan for the WolfMUD rewrite in Google's Go language:

  - The minimum goal of a version 1 release is to reproduce the existing
    functionality of the last Java version of WolfMUD. This may take a while
    as I am not merely translating Java into Go I'm rewriting with new ideas
    and ways of doing things and looking at the Java sources sparingly, see
    note on cringing below.

  - The new WolfMUD will be released under an Open Source license from the
    very start. Probably the GPL2 or GPL3 but no firm decision yet.

  - The code will have better documentation/comments to help other developers.
    Looking over the old code makes me cringe. Go has some nice documentation
    features I plan on using.

  - There will be unit testing for WolfMUD. How I ever wrote the old version
    without any formal way of testing changes I don't know.

  - The code will be managed using the Git[1] version control system. I have
    not decided if I will host on something like Google code[2], github[3] or
    WolfMUD's main server yet. I hope others will hack on the code and use Git
    to feed back changes and ideas. For more information on Git, Google code
    and github see:

  - Let people see more of the development process that goes into creating a
    MUD codebase. This will be through releasing code and also keeping an
    online developer's journal and maybe writing some articles.

As I get feedback - hopefully - and make progress - definitely - I'll update
the goals in the grand plan.


  [1] Git: http://git-scm.com/
  [2] Google code: https://code.google.com/
  [3] github: https://github.com/

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