Logic will get you from A to B.
                    Imagination will take you everywhere.

                                       -- Albert Einstein

Here you will find released versions of WolfMUD. There are binaries for some
platforms. There is also source code which can be compiled for any platform Go
is supported on. WolfMUD source code is also available via 'go get' or Git.

For the really impatient who know what they are doing:

            git clone WolfMUD.git

For more information & help on getting, setting up, installing, compiling and
running WolfMUD please see the getting started guide: getting-started.html

"Download, share, hack and enjoy!" -- Diddymus

 -- Up to Main Index

 ++ v0.0.8
    Released: Tuesday 31st October, 2017

 ++ v0.0.7
    Released: Sunday 10th September, 2017

 ++ v0.0.6
    Released: Monday  1th May, 2017

 ++ v0.0.5
    Released: Sunday  2th April, 2017

 ++ v0.0.4
    Released: Thursday 2nd March, 2017

 ++ v0.0.3
    Released: Friday 23rd December, 2016

 ++ v0.0.2
    Released: Monday  5th December, 2016

 ++ v0.0.1
    Released: Monday 31st October, 2016

 ++ The Attic
    Earlier versions of WolfMUD

 !? Git repository: development (dev) branch
    Updated: Sun, 13 May 2018 19:03:39 +0100
    git clone WolfMUD.git