WolfMUD: v0.0.17

                    Released: Saturday 31st October, 2020
                Compiled with: go version go1.15.3 linux/amd64

This is the seventeenth official release of WolfMUD written in the Go
language. Please see ../getting-started.html for help on setting up,
installing and compiling. For more detailed help and information please see
the docs directory contained in the download.

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 -- Up to Downloads & Git RepositoryWolfMUD-linux-amd64.tgz
    WolfMUD for Linux/64bit
    MD5:    0f8b22e441ab2c2fb6d01feacde69d2c
    SHA256: 30821c8998975f93f91057ce78c7404ff066d11acfc64bab6f08bd0c2aac9a3a
    Size:   ~2.7M

  ■ WolfMUD-linux-arm5.tgz
    WolfMUD for Linux/ARMv5 (Soft float)
    Generic ARM build. Rapberry Pi can use the faster ARMv6 or ARMv7 builds.
    MD5:    af7d3a3d264f1b37fba1b719fdf5e690
    SHA256: caf19fbc97d48e706c33b5b35e71a5a9ea33f70423495854ada02c37a9189189
    Size:   ~2.5M

  ■ WolfMUD-linux-arm6.tgz
    WolfMUD for Linux/ARMv6 (Hard float)
    Suitable for Raspberry Pi A, A+, B, B+, Zero, Zero W
    MD5:    e99f5ffe90b6210d61e737a24871dd39
    SHA256: 183ba05ee0aae2eb69ff9e47086531b740c47a7ca248d456cec463d9d4283fe5
    Size:   ~2.5M

  ■ WolfMUD-linux-arm7.tgz
    WolfMUD for Linux/ARMv7 (Hard float)
    Note:   Suitable for Raspberry Pi 2, 3 and 4.
    MD5:    6a0cde115120a9320c6841bb8760d66d
    SHA256: 5ccedc2103e81ee4c3eb67d6d2d63de53a0ea4d9fc252e11f4fdadff0ce39d3e
    Size:    ~2.5M

  ■ WolfMUD-linux-i386.tgz
    WolfMUD for Linux/32bit
    MD5:    ccd996c2d97283b65b76bccb18f05a03
    SHA256: 6ba34f26ad098a78936782ee6bd290ea90e0739e73a65bd35d53852d94d5ca39
    Size:   ~2.6M

  ■ WolfMUD-source.tgz
    WolfMUD source code gzipped tarball
    MD5:    2bc8dada26ca1796fad9a01799980b46
    SHA256: f84a338838d5eb00c004d2b0537312491160979c2c2140a62f757a9998def258
    Size:   ~238K

  ■ WolfMUD-source.zip
    WolfMUD source code gzipped tarball
    MD5:    9770aa076625686ce4c419add6ca2686
    SHA256: 4a050c0f8cb9c28da02f4f64e642ee2bddbe32772217b0dff15978f69f6a6a61
    Size:   ~363K

  ■ WolfMUD-windows-amd64.zip
    WolfMUD for Windows/64bit
    MD5:    59a26ac3a27e2f28577d727fe0ced186
    SHA256: ae1dc9c2f62ddbfd640a85f07fcce4ce9cc07dbd19db1e4265e8dddf36147b23
    Size:   ~2.6M

  ■ WolfMUD-windows-i386.zip
    WolfMUD for Windows/32bit
    MD5:    d15fab1488e1461e3df029776a5f1524
    SHA256: f476adc40803ab898fe426721863a50cb40339a204a6abc70de63d94e8dbe235
    Size:   ~2.5M