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                             CONTACT INFORMATION

            "The only stupid question is the one you never ask..."

                                                        - Diddymus

If you:

  - Need help with WolfMUD
  - Found a bug that needs fixing (see also below)
  - Want to suggest an idea for a new feature
  - Have ideas for improvements
  - Have a patch for a bug, new feature or improvements
  - Just want to chat about WolfMUD or MUDs in general

Then you can contact Diddymus via:

               Email: diddymus@wolfmud.org
     Google Hangouts: wolfmud@gmail.com
 Find me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrew-rolfe-40156a1b9

Just think, a quick email or chat could save you hours of trouble :)

                          + + + BUG REPORTERS + + +

If you think you have found a bug, please report it. Otherwise I will not know
there is an issue and won't be able to do anything about it :(

Please provide as much information as you can:

  - Which operating system you are using and it's version
  - Any error messages displayed
  - Steps to reproduce the problem
  - Which download (or git branch/commit/tag) are you using
  - Is it a pristine or modified version?

Don't worry if you can't provide all of the information above, however the
more details you can provide the more help I can provide :) In return for your
bug report I will try to resolve the problem and/or provide instructions so
that other users can benefit as well.


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