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                                ABOUT WOLFMUD

WolfMUD is many things to many people depending on how you approach it: as a
player, as a creator of new worlds or as a programmer. Most of all, I hope you
find WolfMUD fun however you use it.

WolfMUD is a text based game:

  It may seem a little old fashioned, but WolfMUD is a text based game. There
  are no graphics and no sounds. Just you, the text and your imagination. You
  have a character to represent yourself in the game and through it you issue
  commands to do things. For example go north to another location, pick up an
  interesting lattice or fight the evil wizard! In good tradition one of the
  many starting places when you log into the game is a tavern with a warm and
  welcoming fireplace:

    [ Fireplace ]
    You are in the corner of a common room in the Dragon's Breath tavern.
    There is a fire burning away merrily in an ornate fireplace giving comfort
    to weary travellers. Shadows flicker around the room, changing light to
    darkness and back again. To the south the common room extends and east the
    common room leads to the tavern entrance.

    You can see a curious brass lattice here.

    You can see exits east, southeast and south.

  What will you do next? What awaits you when you leave the safety of the
  tavern and go exploring? Who else will you meet in your adventuring? What is
  that curious lattice?

WolfMUD is multiplayer:

  WolfMUD can be played either on a local network or over the internet. This
  allows many people to log into the game at once. You might be adversaries or
  friends. You might make new friends. You can chat to each other, swap
  interesting items and treasures, fight combats together or against each
  other. It’s up to you and what your imagination can think up!

    There is a puff of smoke and Diddymus appears spluttering and coughing.
    You see Diddymus look around.
    You see Diddymus go East.
    > Follow diddymus
    You follow Diddymus.

    [ Tavern entrance ]
    You are in the entryway to the Dragon's Breath tavern. To the west you can
    see an inviting fireplace, while south an even more inviting bar. Eastward
    a door leads out into the street.

    You can see Diddymus here.

    You can see exits east, south, southwest and west.

WolfMUD allows you to create your own worlds:

  The Java version of WolfMUD had a powerful world builder. Using it you could
  easily create your own world, your own fantastic creatures and treasures!
  Bringing your imagination to life was as easy as typing on a keyboard, if
  you could type you could create wonders for others to explore.

  The new WolfMUD, written in Go, uses just plain text files with a few simple
  conventions. This allows any text editor to be used, along with spell
  checkers and many other familiar editing tools. New tools can also be built
  to manipulate and create the text files. One such tool that is planned is a
  new world builder.

WolfMUD is a codebase developers can expand upon:

  While WolfMUD will have a lot of features, creature types and object types
  there are times when Diddymus has not thought of everything. However, you
  can get the WolfMUD source code and make changes yourself. You can create
  new types of things, change game mechanics and add new ones making your
  games even more unique. If you come up with some really interesting stuff
  you might want to contribute it back to the WolfMUD community and have
  everybody benefit from your changes.

  However, even if you are not a developer, your interest in creating your own
  worlds might just generate enough curiosity to have a peek at the source
  code. Maybe make a simple, obvious tweak here or there and before you know
  it you’re a developer with your own ideas of how things should work![1]


  [1] I have had non-programmers become programmers because of their
      fascination with WolfMUD, and I consider this a good thing. Whether
      learning from my code is a good thing is debatable :)

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