"I actually really like the WolfMUD site. I sort of surprised
            myself by how little I missed all the fancy CSS etc."

                                                              - Nate

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  ~ Journal for Friday 2nd November, 2012
    Old BT WolfMUD site gone
    Getting started guide now available for PROTOTYPE1

  ~ Journal for Thursday 8th November, 2012
    Inventories: The answer's not in the box, it's in the band!

  ~ Journal for Tuesday 13th November, 2012
    Argh! What is wrong with me? :(

  ~ Journal for Monday 19th November, 2012
    Back to some productive coding

  ~ Journal for Monday 26th November, 2012
    Message(s) in a bottle(neck)

  ~ Journal for Tuesday 27th November, 2012
    Big Room Lock update

  ~ Journal for Wednesday 28th November, 2012
    Locking changes pushed to development branch