ā€œIā€™m gonna fix the code by taking out
                   all the old lines and writing new ones.ā€

                                                     - with apologies to
                                                       Mitch Hedberg,
                                                       American comedian

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  ~ Journal for Saturday 1st August, 2020
    Ongoing fixes and some thoughts moving forwards

  ~ Journal for Friday 7th August, 2020
    Saving/loading of in-flight resets and other updates

  ~ Journal for Wednesday 12th August, 2020
    Disabled item update

  ~ Journal for Wednesday 19th August, 2020
    Data race fixes and a more stable server

  ~ Journal for Friday 21st August, 2020
    Getting sociable with whisper, tell/talk and shout

  ~ Journal for Tuesday 25th August, 2020
    A little housekeeping before a release