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                   JOURNAL FOR SATURDAY 17TH OCTOBER, 2020

SUBJECT: Now on LinkedIn…
   DATE: Sat 17 Oct 18:14:59 BST 2020

Social media. Depending on your age those two words will probably mean very
different things to you. For me, social media is IRC, news groups and bulletin
boards. For others, social media will mean Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and
other similar services.

I like to interact with people, especially users of WolfMUD, but I really do
not like to put myself “out there” — I value my privacy and have a tendency to
avoid mainstream social media.

However, my wife made a very good point: I should be putting my professional
self “out there”. It seems that the best way to do that these days is via

At the behest of my wife, for better or worse, that’s what I’ve done. You can
now find me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrew-rolfe-40156a1b9

I’ve also included the link on the contact page[1]. I am not going to use one
of the LinkedIn pretty badges that pulls in JavaScript, cookies and god knows
what else. I have my reasons[2] and value the people that take the time to
visit my humble little site…


  [1] Contact page: ../../../contact.html

  [2] About this site: ../../../about-site.html

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