Released: Wednesday 31st October, 2012

                         + + + IMPORTANT NOTICE + + +

This is only a release of the initial *PROTOTYPE* and is intended mainly for
*DEVELOPERS* who like looking at source code at the moment. By default it only
runs locally on port 4001. It will run on a local network. However
deployment in 'the wild' is currently ill advised as accounts and logins are
yet to be implemented. Window's Telnet client is funky and won't go into line
mode. PuTTY is better but not perfect. Linux Telnet is fine.

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  ~ Getting Started
    Help & instructions for PROTOTYPE1

  ■ wolfmud-linux-amd64-server.tgz
    WolfMUD server BINARY only built for Linux/64bit
    MD5 : eaa78765c129480d2571e5ee50c80d63
    SHA1: 54a394f68bc0040dcf737dcd0413351a11ef1cf8
    Size: ~671k

  ■ wolfmud-linux-arm-server.tgz
    WolfMUD server BINARY only built for Linux/ARM v5
    MD5 : 7051780d483a7bc4b1135af6ff6ff0e0
    SHA1: 4a28f4e9cd29409c2e287458cd97b7cb1c72a33b
    Size: ~506k

  ■ wolfmud-linux-i386-server.tgz
    WolfMUD server BINARY only built for Linux/32bit
    MD5 : 4e77a4ca5e30bde7fb3c51775e9b2850
    SHA1: 2c6ae461f835c61e49b5a9f7981364a8b52f7c91
    Size: ~696k

  ■ wolfmud-source.tgz
    WolfMUD source code gzipped tar archive
    MD5 : 2b8a3e429bb812e63703dcdbc095f8a9
    SHA1: 316d3148a78a9357dec9419e73120845fb091ebc
    Size: ~37k

    WolfMUD source code zipped archive
    MD5 : 3e10ccc5e8eb0504facc82909784d759
    SHA1: 4931543ec9e38bc8c125d7c36968333f976256ca
    Size: ~54k

    WolfMUD server BINARY only built for Windows/64bit
    MD5 : 9a3df989f6b56b25baab8183c9501870
    SHA1: 139d346a1a08f85780b067c51b567c65b5525aab
    Size: ~596k

    WolfMUD server BINARY only built for Windows/32bit
    MD5 : c491ec27cef1911b381c789bdbd09b68
    SHA1: 355c2d5a2fabebc3e63b814b7469d53847cce384
    Size: ~619k