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                    JOURNAL FOR SUNDAY 19TH FEBRUARY, 2023

SUBJECT: Unexpected visitors
   DATE: Mon 20 Feb 04:34:40 GMT 2023

Yesterday I went about my normal admin routine of updating systems, checking
emailed reports, checking emailed RSS feeds. WolfMUD emails have their own
colour so I can easily spot them and reply to every single one. Hold on… why
is there a WolfMUD email in my RSS feeds?

It turns out that WolfMUD had hit the front page of hacker news… again. Nice
to see the site survived the surge in traffic. The site is still running off
of a 4Gb Raspberry Pi 4 hosted with Mythic Beasts[1]. At one point I was more
worried about blowing the monthly traffic budget — the site may be lightweight
but the git repositories are not. Many people cloned the WolfMUD repositories.

I hope everyone who visited the site and had a look around enjoyed their
visit. I know it sparked a lot of fond memories of people playing on their
favourite MUDs :)

In other news, I’m feeling a lot better since getting COVID again. I’m still
idly tweaking away at Mere. I’ve not been working on performance specifically,
but it’s improved quite a bit. The standard counter test using Go 1.20.1:

                             OLD     NEW     DIFFERENCE
                             ------  ------  -------------
                    Desktop: 1494ms   890ms   -604ms (+40%)
                   RPi4 8Gb: 3882ms  2154ms  -1728ms (+44%)

Currently I’m busy adding missing operators, built-in functions and lots of
tests. The tests are killing me and take longer than adding new code :/

I’ve had some interesting conversations about Mere. The most common one being
about implementing WolfMUD’s player commands using Mere. While possible, I
don’t think that would be useful as performance would suffer a lot. Still, it
is something to think about. It would make implementing and changing commands
easier for non-Go programmers and for those new to programming in general.


  [1] Mythic Beasts are not sponsors. I’m just very happy with the service
      they provide: https://www.mythic-beasts.com

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