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                   JOURNAL FOR THURSDAY 2ND SEPTEMBER, 2021

SUBJECT: Windows TELNET client fix, might release snapshots
   DATE: Thu  2 Sep 19:23:27 BST 2021

TLDR; Fixed an issue screwing up the output when running the experiment with
the default Windows Telnet client.

People have been asking if I can make the experiment a little more accessible.
They even asked very nicely. As a result I’ve been thinking of building and
releasing snapshots. The snapshots would be like a normal WolfMUD release only
built from the experiment branch.

I’m actually wondering if I should commit now to the new code and just move
the experiment to the main dev branch. Might be an idea to do that before I
start releasing snapshots.

In getting ready to produce snapshots I’ve just pushed out an update to the
public experiment branch that adds the Makefile and utilities used to build a
WolfMUD release. This also includes the general day-to-day Makefile I use when
developing WolfMUD.

Note that you don’t need to use any Makefiles. WolfMUD builds just fine using
a simple:

  go build -o ./bin ./...

The Makefiles are just there to make my life just a teensy bit easier. I’m also
a typical ‘lazy’ programmer that gets the machine to do the work[1].

Being lazy again, the update also includes the docs directory and a default
server configuration file. The docs are taken from the WolfMUD dev branch and
may or may not be accurate depending on how many features I’ve managed to
implement in the experiment. The server configuration is currently unused.
However, adding the docs and configuration file means I don’t have to modify
the release Makefile — and more importantly I don’t have to remember to undo
the changes later on :P

As a developer I use Linux. I write code on Linux and test on Linux. I only
ever touch Windows when I absolutely have to, usually when testing WolfMUD
releases. The experiment has not had a release and so has not been tested on
Windows. While experimenting with snapshots I tested on Windows only to
discover I’d made a stupid mistake causing the display to be messed up when
using the default Windows Telnet client. A fix is now on the public experiment
branch and the experiment is usable with Windows Telnet clients.

Quite a screw-up on my part, yet nobody dropped me an email about it *sigh*

Still toying with snapshots at the moment…


  [1] It doesn’t matter that it can take hours to write and test scripts to
      save a few seconds every now and again.

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