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                      JOURNAL FOR SATURDAY 1ST MAY, 2021

SUBJECT: Since the release…
   DATE: Sat  1 May 20:03:19 BST 2021

This entry was supposed to be ready for the end of April. It wasn’t, now April
only has a paltry two entries :(

Three weeks ago I pushed out the v0.0.18 of WolfMUD. The release seemed to go
well, it had enough testing after all. Didn’t hear any angry torch and
pitchfork wielding mobs, which is usually a good sign. However, since the
release I’ve gone very quiet again. I haven’t touched WolfMUD very much and I
haven’t been writing. It’s not a case of not wanting to, I’ve simply been too
busy with the day job and something else I’ve had to work on.

The release took a lot of additional effort. New build scripts, workspace
layout changes, working habits had to change and so much testing. I think the
pain of change was worth it, WolfMUD is now in a better state to move forward,
although there may be some cleaning up left to do.

What’s next? At the end of the last release I took a detour from putting
things in place for the combat system to look at, what I perceived to be, a
performance issue. It was a nice change of pace, but I really want to get
combat in. I think most of the supporting basics are there for combat, I just
need to pull everything together and get it finished.

Before I get back to combat there are a couple of issues from the release I
need to sort out. There were a few gripes due to some of the tooling in the
build directory being written as Bash scripts. As such Windows users can’t use
them. Well they could via WSL or MingW, however I agree that is not an ideal
situation. A bigger problem is the use of make on Windows, I have yet to find
a simple, clean solution other than WSL.

The other issue raised was a lack of documentation regarding the Makefiles,
Bash utilities, git public dev branch and the botrunner. I have an incomplete
“Developers and Advanced Users” guide I was working on. However, it was going
to delay the release even more and I decided it could be finished after the

WolfMUD related, I need to update my static site builder to work with Go
modules. The builder imports WolfMUD’s recordjar and text packages. If I don’t
get the builder fixed now it’ll bite me in the ass next time I make changes
and try to compile it. The recordjar package saw a number of fixes and I’d
like to be using the latest version of my own software! At the moment it’s
using an outdated version from a pre-modules WolfMUD copy.

Actually, my first job is going to be sorting out my dev directory. I have
multiple copies of WolfMUD and the site builder laying around. Thinking about
it, I’m not sure exactly which source the current builder I’m using was built
from… *sigh*


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