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                      JOURNAL FOR SUNDAY 4TH APRIL, 2021

SUBJECT: Getting closer to the next release
   DATE: Sun  4 Apr 19:02:43 BST 2021

On April 1st Go 1.16.3 was released. I have switched to using the new release,
which included another 5½ hours compiling on the Raspberry Pi Zero W. The Fan
SHIM on the Raspberry Pi 4 stopped working again, need to get that sorted out.

I’ve been spending a lot of time updating documentation for the next release.
There are even some last minute code changes. Probably not a good idea at this
late stage but…

With the change to module mode the WolfMUD repository no longer needs to live
under the WolfMUD.git directory[1]. It can simply be just ‘WolfMUD’. This
means that the directory to clone the WolfMUD repository into no longer needs
to be specified. A Git clone is now a simple:

                  git clone https://code.wolfmud.org/WolfMUD

Previously the source downloads used a WolfMUD.git directory to match the Git
repository. However the binary downloads used a WolfMUD directory. With this
change everything is consistent and uses a WolfMUD directory :)

Another change I’ve made, due to the new build Makefiles, is that all of the
executable files now go into the WolfMUD/bin directory. Previously the binary
download had the executables in the root WolfMUD directory.

This has allowed me to make ‘../data’ the default data directory for all of
the downloads and the Git repository. This means users will only have to muck
around with setting the WOLFMUD_DIR environment variable for custom setups.
Previously the default was ‘./data’ for the binary downloads to work “out of
the box” and you had to set WOLFMUD_DIR when working with the source code.

As for the WolfMUD documentation, it’s been slimmed down a lot as there are
fewer differences between the Linux and Windows instructions now. Edits have
also had to be made to cover the above changes. The instructions on the
website have also needed to be updated — but not published yet, not until the
next release.

On the public dev branch I accidentally committed a change to the tavern which
left the door open. That has now been fixed.

The code, Makefile and some documentation changes are now out on the public
dev branch for those interested. Other documentation is still being updated,
and I’m taking advantage of this being a bank holiday weekend to work on it.

If you are using the public dev branch, once you have updated you can rename
the WolfMUD.git directory to just WolfMUD and everything should just work. I
don’t think any other changes are required, the Makefile are pretty agnostic
to the directory being used. If I’ve broken anything please drop me an email
and complain: diddymus@wolfmud.org


  [1] For some reason WolfMUD.git was always required for ‘go get’ to work

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