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                  JOURNAL FOR WEDNESDAY 17TH NOVEMBER, 2021

SUBJECT: WolfMUD v0.0.19-beta.2 released
   DATE: Wed 17 Nov 21:25:33 GMT 2021

The second beta snapshot is now available for download[1]. This beta includes
barriers, a clean-up of the frontend, removal of stop words and several bug
fixes. The public Git dev branch has been updated. Work is continuing on the
current known bugs and issues. The focus is currently on the configuration
file for the server and statistics logging.

Main highlights from the release notes:


  - Barriers are now implemented to restrict mobiles to a certain area or to
    prevent mobiles going into a certain area. This implementation accepts only
    setting ALLOW or DENY aliases.
  - A suffix, that is appended to sent messages, can now be set for mailboxes.
  - Stop word removal has been implemented. The current sto words are: A, AN,


  - Updated docs/zone-files.txt documentation for barriers with clarifications.
  - The #DUMP command now looks for items at a location, then items carried by
    the actor. To specifically look at items carried by the actor the 'MY'
    qualifier can be used.
  - The internal implementation of mailboxes has been cleaned up with a new
    mailbox type.
  - The player's prompt is now implemented using the new mailbox suffix. This
    sets the groundwork for dynamic prompts that can display player statistics.
  - The player's display for the front-end and entering/exiting the game has
    been cleaned up.


  - An issue where failed lookups returned a zero value that also mapped to a
    valid key has been fixed. For example if NameToDir[item.As[Blocker]] failed
    it would return the zero value, which is mapped to the constant for North.
    Failed lookups will now result in a "bad key" where appropriate: BadAsKey,
    BadAnyKey, BadIntKey or BadRefKey.
  - Notifications for the OPEN and CLOSE commands have been fixed.
  - Corrected typo in function name, core.conatins -> core.contains

Known Bugs / Issues

  - Network quotas are not implemented yet.
  - IP addresses of players appear in the server log.
  - Configuration settings are hard-coded and not via a configuration file.
  - The commands #DUMP, #TELEPORT and #GOTO can be used by anyone.
  - The #DUMP command output can be messy if there are long "words" that cannot
    be broken on white-space.
  - Statistics are not periodically logged by the server yet.


  [1] Download area: ../../../downloads/

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