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                   JOURNAL FOR TUESDAY 10TH SEPTEMBER, 2019

SUBJECT: Case in point…
   DATE: Tue 10 Sep 23:42:11 BST 2019

Forgive me, for it has been over two weeks since my last communication.

In my last entry I said I was planning on spending the bank holiday Monday
working on WolfMUD. That didn’t happen. Recently I seem to be spending an
inordinate amount of time on unplanned activities that can’t be avoided.

Case in point: My broadband provider decided to give me a free ‘upgrade’ and
shipped me a load of new kit — which I then had to setup, taking myself
offline for longer than I would have liked. Mostly due to a very handy feature
I was using no longer being available on the new kit. So much for progress :(

Case in point: My daughter’s Windows 10 laptop attempted an update and really
screwed itself up. After several days trying to sort out the mess we gave up
and restored the factory recovery image. Only that was Windows 8.1 and not 10,
and the Windows update was still fscked. After nearly three days, mostly
waiting for Windows to attempt an update — only to repeatedly fail, we finally
managed to get Windows 10 and install it. Luckily my daughter listens to me
and had backups of everything important :)

Case in point: Go 1.13 has been released. Sadly I won’t be able to use it on
my Raspberry Pi Zero W unless I cross-compile. Previously I could add a
temporary swap file, set TMPDIR and have Go compiled in a within hours albeit
with a lot of swapping to the SDCard. This time, with Go 1.13, it was still
building the initial bootstrap toolchain after 18 hours — so I killed the
compile. With that much swapping for so long I suspect it has done the SDCard
not favours :(

Now for the good news. Over the last few days I’ve actually managed to spend
some time on WolfMUD. The TAKE command has been updated to check for the
TAKEOUT veto before checking if an item is actually in a container. This
prevents players from ‘fishing’ for items by gleaning information based on the
messages returned. Various messages for the TAKE command have been improved. A
nil check in the GET tests has been fixed. Tests, with 100% coverage, have
been added for the TAKE command.

Changes are now out on the public dev branch. I’ve started reimplementing the
TAKE command to use the matcher code.


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