“Really what they do is sit there staring at busted code that isn’t
       working, trying to figure out how to fix it. This is one of the
       most Sisyphean tasks you're ever going to do in your life.”

                                               - Clive Thompson, Journalist,
                                                  Talking about programmers

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  ~ Journal for Saturday 4th May, 2019
    With time comes wisdom…

  ~ Journal for Thursday 9th May, 2019
    The cottage revisited

  ~ Journal for Monday 13th May, 2019
    Returning to the cottage… Feedback already!

  ~ Journal for Thursday 16th May, 2019
    More feedback, cottage tweaked…

  ~ Journal for Wednesday 22nd May, 2019
    Some days I wish I’d never started on the cottage…

  ~ Journal for Monday 27th May, 2019
    What did you say?