“You will be fortunate in the
                         opportunities presented to you”

                                             -- Chinese fortune cookie
                                                from 30th May 2019

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  ~ Journal for Thursday 4th April, 2019
    16 years that are gone forever and I’ll never have again

  ~ Journal for Monday 8th April, 2019
    Another lazy Sunday afternoon in front of the keyboard

  ~ Journal for Wednesday 10th April, 2019
    Idly pondering what if…

  ~ Journal for Monday 15th April, 2019
    I’ve either updated the site for the better, or trashed it all

  ~ Journal for Wednesday 17th April, 2019
    Full steam ahead! Introducing bound qualifiers

  ~ Journal for Sunday 21st April, 2019
    GET and DROP commands reimplemented with matcher

  ~ Journal for Thursday 25th April, 2019
    Inventory overhaul and other nice things

  ~ Journal for Friday 26th April, 2019
    Improved + bug fixed text unfolding