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                   JOURNAL FOR TUESDAY 31ST DECEMBER, 2019

SUBJECT: Another year of WolfMUD development
   DATE: Tue 31 Dec 19:57:17 GMT 2019

Another year of WolfMUD development has been and gone. I managed to push out
only two releases — v0.0.13 and v0.0.14 — which was two less than last year :(
There was a v0.0.15 release, but that was a “brown paper bag” release to fix
the v0.0.14 release. The journal has been quite busy with 52 posts, 3 more
than last year.

The code has seen 176 individual commits. A lot of the work this year has been
on improving player commands with the new matcher code. Personally this has
not been a great year — in May, to get away from everything, I left WolfMUD
alone and worked on ‘The Cottage’[1][2] for a while. However, as 2019 closes I
am glad I’ve managed to keep WolfMUD going — 35 years this year in one form or
another :)

Some of the larger changes this year included:

  - Improved player commands
  - Connection quotas
  - Qualified and bound item aliases
  - An improved inventory implementation
  - Many more tests added
  - Bug fixes and performance improvements

I also spent some time at the beginning of the year rewriting my static site
generator — which lead to improvements in WolfMUD’s RecordJar package.

What will 2020 bring? Combat! Along with all of the associated features needed
to make it work. That includes clothing and armour, weapons, skills, the
ability to wear and wield items, food, drink, hunger, thirst and many other

Of course if you are going off, romping down dungeons, fighting unimaginable
evils and hauling back mountains of treasure, you need to be well equipped.
You also need somewhere to sell all the loot! To cater to all of your buying
and selling needs shops and shopkeepers will also be added.

The initial goal is simple: to be able to pick up a weapon and hit something
with it. Everything else should follow on from there. Work on this initial
goal is already under way and the rest planned for 2020…

WolfMUD is my coding for fun in my spare time. Even after all these years it’s
still fun. I hope you find it fun too.

Happy new year everyone!


  [1] The Cottage: ../5/cottage.html

  [2] The Cottage, see also: ../5/27.html

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