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                           ARCHIVED JAVA DOWNLOADS

This page lists the downloads available for the last Java version of WolfMUD.

WolfMUD Server (Required)

    Version: Build 307
   Released: 25th April 2004

  Downloads:       WolfMUDServer_build307.jar Binary (318k)
              MD5: 119ab421506d5eae091f4c5c1c74f9f9
             SHA1: d741898b81f9cc5e5f8c64ce2d528498f3ae13be

                   WolfMUDServerSource_build307.jar Source (184k)
              MD5: 0dba9e81f5abdf962ac6226303a76aa6
             SHA1: afe8035a8f85c34a1c0f789e0db0e3609084fd91

   Comments: Download this if you want the main WolfMUD server software. The
             binary download includes a sample world created using the World
             Builder. Due to a bug fix which required the format of the log
             file names to be changed it is highly recommended that you remove
             old log files from the logs directory if you are UPGRADING only.

WolfMUD World Builder (Optional)

    Version: Build 307
   Released: 25th April 2004

   Download:       WolfMUDBuilder_build307.jar Binary (141k)
              MD5: d3ff0190e247b3d8a669f056c0daca4f
             SHA1: 678bfecbc7ad1b929014c7ca7d500785701338b7

                   WolfMUDBuilderSource_build307.jar Source (28k)
              MD5: 4e45336f8f2306405d2ff690de47c125
             SHA1: 806acf072b5086b031f4c2db3ee985931662a66d

      Notes: Requires WolfMUDServer.jar

   Comments: Download this if you want to install the WolfMUD World Builder
             software. The Binary download includes the project for the sample
             world provided with the Server binary download.

Book Of WolfMUD - BOW (Optional)

    Version: 2nd Edition (Last updated for build 306)
   Released: 26th May 2003

  Downloads:       BOW_pdf.zip Zipped PDF (1.2Mb)
              MD5: 0f98e96ceb452281b429bc81e3283516
             SHA1: f19fbe45afbef4d97f80341ab08731352043c972

                   BOW_ps.zip Zipped PostScript (1.2Mb)
              MD5: b2e40232c485f425ecc1a59d81c88810
             SHA1: 0e7f0adc4879f15439b8df28b3cab0a3215fda61

                   BOW.txt Plain Text (85k)
              MD5: 6fa820e0dcb06c2cff60b4c2155e69e1
             SHA1: 8b5960d19614efb89f3910cc6fb55e8aeaba5142

      Notes: All versions of BOW are single files only with no special
             installation required.

   Comments: The Book of WolfMUD, BOW for short, is intended to be the
             definitive reference for WolfMUD. It contains detailed
             information on setting up, running and customising WolfMUD. It
             also has a tutorial on using the World Builder as well as
             instructions for compiling everything from the source in an easy

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