WolfMUD v0.0.2

                     Released: Monday  5th December, 2016

                Compiled with: go version go1.7.4 linux/amd64

This is the second official release of WolfMUD written in the Go language.
Please see ../../getting-started.html for help on setting up, installing
and compiling. For more detailed help and information please see the docs
directory contained in the downloads.


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 -- Up to The AtticWolfMUD-linux-amd64.tgz
    WolfMUD for Linux/64bit
    MD5: d646339a56aed33def4541409e875ded
    SHA256: 45bde87c9edc434d3209554414ecab6e7cf7cb72a84fdaa21869554d6bcbf08d
    Size: ~1.4M

  ■ WolfMUD-linux-arm5.tgz
    WolfMUD for Linux/ARMv5 (Soft float)
    This build is a generic ARM build.
    NOTE: Rapberry Pi can use the faster v6 (Hard Float) build ;)
    MD5: d4a465c0a115e16d78799c4f0b3b37c4
    SHA256: 1732dee292bbc1033d317f5c725278a43d3fd0f26aebc0f1d84e9cf210f4dbb7
    Size: ~1.2M

  ■ WolfMUD-linux-arm6.tgz
    WolfMUD for Linux/ARMv6 (Hard Float)
    Note: This build is suitable for Raspberry Pi.
    MD5: 9427c3d085d651e8867c5eec447cef52
    SHA256: 8a566d71106fb35344d5e5b55a4a07aae5d2b6497d77154e12b01a5184b9ea54
    Size: ~1.2M

  ■ WolfMUD-linux-i386.tgz
    WolfMUD for Linux/32bit
    MD5: c702c968e34c9c40be9a70d076037aaa
    SHA256: 718945ad497d406d9b2a7ec671ad17d706854240f015eaa514097a8ae3bdd320
    Size: ~1.3M

  ■ WolfMUD-source.tgz
    WolfMUD source code gzipped tarball
    MD5: d71e081a1a4cd3115a95740e3ef1ae5f
    SHA256: e818277b02a8d28e1b8ea70b074270cf21a95d7bebb07fbf9a0ec7d6cb1dc652
    Size: ~85K

  ■ WolfMUD-source.zip
    WolfMUD source code gzipped tarball
    MD5: c3f5d90fcea810877631baac2a782027
    SHA256: c62eacdab2d6f251ace1bedb2f9494cfcb40534a33062b1633db874609e1e8da
    Size: ~137K

  ■ WolfMUD-windows-amd64.zip
    WolfMUD for Windows/64bit
    MD5: b946a75eaaead8f7419c240efe3de3ce
    SHA256: 5e8b2161e3f8267d4aec8ea781342e50541cd021b1112414a4d5dd7d41c7e9d3
    Size: ~1.2M

  ■ WolfMUD-windows-i386.zip
    WolfMUD for Windows/32bit
    MD5: e1f47d5b7a588860864ee2b667ba9c5b
    SHA256: 4cfd471f7f4856bd63af3551a1f7ac6d6eb4994ce335301f5784fbac048dbe36
    Size: ~1.2M