WolfMUD: v0.0.19-beta.6

                      Released: Sunday 17th April, 2022
                Compiled with: go version go1.17.9 linux/amd64

SECURITY UPDATE: This beta contains a fix for a potential DOS attack. All
users of previous v0.0.19 betas are urged to update. See the release notes for
more details.

This beta includes an experimental build for ARM64 that should be suitable for
Raspberry Pi models 3 and 4 running the 64-bit Raspberry Pi OS.

This beta is built with Go 1.17.9, not Go 1.18.1, due to Go issue #51776 which
effects 32-bit platforms with CGO_ENABLED=1.

  runtime: doAllThreadsSyscall has an unaligned atomic load on 32-bit
  architectures. https://github.com/golang/go/issues/51776

Please see ../../getting-started.html for details on setting up, installing and
compiling. For more detailed help and additional information please see the
docs directory contained in the downloads.

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 -- Up to The AtticWolfMUD-linux-386.tgz
    WolfMUD for Linux/32bit
    MD5...: b6c5b872a5e93777c9fe0dc39a75f9a5
    SHA256: 8ad7f9241a69bd26fb8321b4b093b101596b863f283b7928cd2bdb711530993b
    Size..: ~3.5M

  ■ WolfMUD-linux-amd64.tgz
    WolfMUD for Linux/64bit
    MD5...: 19f949144d40c4586454789689a458a3
    SHA256: 16284f7e8c5ef884fe0ad8273a3f7db48cb290c5b99892404452cabebab196c4
    Size..: ~3.7M

  ■ WolfMUD-linux-arm5.tgz
    WolfMUD for Linux/ARMv5 (Soft float)
    Notes.: Generic ARM build. Raspberry Pi can use the faster ARMv6/v7 builds.
    MD5...: c864e84b915a1ecb368548a33b1c6a5e
    SHA256: bff21f6ac31da67befc268ca6ef6c73645fbcc06a03bb09b77b1450629145bc8
    Size..: ~3.4M

  ■ WolfMUD-linux-arm6.tgz
    WolfMUD for Linux/ARMv6 (Hard float)
    Notes.: Suitable for Raspberry Pi A, A+, B, B+, Zero, Zero W
    MD5...: 09ec1643765ef68244c682b2f7e8de5d
    SHA256: c293e3f2ffacab3324fb8e335ed648a00dba4ab6d10f8381cf79a50c2e10eec5
    Size..: ~3.4M

  ■ WolfMUD-linux-arm7.tgz
    WolfMUD for Linux/ARMv7 (Hard float)
    Notes.: Suitable for Raspberry Pi 2, 3 and 4.
    MD5...: 5abb5ed398b985376a35c293a572b240
    SHA256: b75565b7193352c58f21b5da94754759bba1d33995583c85c4fb17859637be9a
    Size..: ~3.4M

  ■ WolfMUD-linux-arm64.tgz
    WolfMUD for Linux/ARM 64bit
    Notes.: Suitable for Raspberry Pi 3 and 4.
    MD5...: 4626883dc10c113a329e7b0d43e3d5db
    SHA256: 90f282add7bf1e8cd8dfb09238ab2f4d4ae5d4112e55d2dc49de5a9859196c7a
    Size..: ~3.4M

  ■ WolfMUD-source.tgz
    WolfMUD source code gzipped tarball
    MD5...: 94e98d3517fe286e6ce1a45b73d20f3a
    SHA256: 11a73094f88ee0c13caba2ef383cc529b2af224c369f31fbc46e5322928b086b
    Size..: ~158K

  ■ WolfMUD-source.zip
    WolfMUD source code zipped
    MD5...: 00716e65acc21512ed193fbd5b2b233f
    SHA256: 0cfb48a929fd45d4d8e7a6af563bf44d68ed2a12ff0fe5514820bfdbbfefd38e
    Size..: ~195K

  ■ WolfMUD-windows-386.zip
    WolfMUD for Windows/32bit
    MD5...: fa93160cc8301529d86bbb0237f3049e
    SHA256: 13f363290ce334fae64d5af8db15c53a8914c8105c607efb1b9f7d55d6b6ed86
    Size..: ~3.4M

  ■ WolfMUD-windows-amd64.zip
    WolfMUD for Windows/64bit
    MD5...: 7d5310c2b8ca001431af9b2e4c8c8488
    SHA256: f6149fccd69a5798def84dcb36e4847a363cb68cb8211615b77d602e2a205ba9
    Size..: ~3.5M