WolfMUD: v0.0.19-beta.1

                     Released: Sunday 31st October, 2021
                Compiled with: go version go1.17.2 linux/amd64

This is the first official beta release of the nineteenth version of WolfMUD
written in the Go language. Please see ../../getting-started.html for details on
setting up, installing and compiling. For more detailed help and additional
information please see the docs directory contained in the downloads.

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    WolfMUD for Linux/32bit
    MD5...: 962115ef52505f21c76a5bb2dca47b6c
    SHA256: 653da7ef475cf653173a747d3ef23e85638bc6e02356687e41cfe192cbf2deec
    Size..: ~3.3M

  ■ WolfMUD-linux-amd64.tgz
    WolfMUD for Linux/64bit
    MD5...: a6a3c104336679cfea0f61dd87bc333e
    SHA256: e0913af3d71df4c19c79bdb203375e126b320693f6399f3cfc51844fec152afc
    Size..: ~3.4M

  ■ WolfMUD-linux-arm5.tgz
    WolfMUD for Linux/ARMv5 (Soft float)
    Notes.: Generic ARM build. Raspberry Pi can use the faster ARMv6/v7 builds.
    MD5...: 61f1abd948d20e78c79b114250924624
    SHA256: 9bc3133455abdd597594e2c4a656426a04c592950e70a23c3e527afcb902e858
    Size..: ~3.2M

  ■ WolfMUD-linux-arm6.tgz
    WolfMUD for Linux/ARMv6 (Hard float)
    Notes.: Suitable for Raspberry Pi A, A+, B, B+, Zero, Zero W
    MD5...: a7082033f52050a250354b7c9e84a5d0
    SHA256: 5ada04090a41e43cb60e58ea98df6bad2e24edf394a62b53a9263656fac560da
    Size..: ~3.2M

  ■ WolfMUD-linux-arm7.tgz
    WolfMUD for Linux/ARMv7 (Hard float)
    Notes.: Suitable for Raspberry Pi 2, 3 and 4.
    MD5...: 6b387e0df941d7c98eec6932b70b313c
    SHA256: ea6c396fed7b5e72b80b9d3a275b4655c38554b922939e325f4e717e40719708
    Size..: ~3.2M

  ■ WolfMUD-source.tgz
    WolfMUD source code gzipped tarball
    MD5...: 2f3b7f6a311646d14b94a3358d8fe309
    SHA256: c584fcb9f5b91c51d238ff567ea4503160696c61d8e358059759a5b53104e0d4
    Size..: ~136K

  ■ WolfMUD-source.zip
    WolfMUD source code zipped
    MD5...: 77c35b16aebea15c4a05899761997322
    SHA256: b82ed67aedd8815217d88f5df297464e781d672fba43c5ef726681aed09e5e6e
    Size..: ~169K

  ■ WolfMUD-windows-386.zip
    WolfMUD for Windows/32bit
    MD5...: 781be029c88c7edc67cdb3247f1128e1
    SHA256: d87a2100b486e2f619b32e29691af172e370ee8edd887634839686380900abc4
    Size..: ~3.2M

  ■ WolfMUD-windows-amd64.zip
    WolfMUD for Windows/64bit
    MD5...: 862176152d81764ecadca90e2215527b
    SHA256: 8b496094893843e2cc0e858f1ac9cbfe9a86fad30f0a4c5f64af3529ebc3553a
    Size..: ~3.3M