WolfMUD: v0.0.11

                    Released: Wednesday 31st October, 2018
                Compiled with: go version go1.11.1 linux/amd64

This is the eleventh official release of WolfMUD written in the Go language.
Please see ../../getting-started.html for help on setting up, installing
and compiling. For more detailed help and information please see the docs
directory contained in the download.

This release contains a breaking change to the OnAction field syntax used in
zone files. Zone files for WolfMUD versions prior to v0.0.11 will need a minor
manual update. For more details see: ../../../journal/2018/10/31.html


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 -- Up to The AtticWolfMUD-linux-amd64.tgz
    WolfMUD for Linux/64bit
    MD5:    af8f73132cd093e7e67f02fa154e5973
    SHA256: 600405d6d20de7cfaca97c4956b2f96ae288262a0692b1223237c425b47589b2
    Size:   ~2.3M

  ■ WolfMUD-linux-arm5.tgz
    WolfMUD for Linux/ARMv5 (Soft float)
    This build is a generic ARM build.
    NOTE:   Rapberry Pi can use the faster ARMv6 or ARMv7 builds
    MD5:    953c4235bf4877a807eedb3c8a9843bc
    SHA256: c7da529af420859a3d361e37060517b2dcc9ebcaa705e489d2ee19d15f5a1e4f
    Size:   ~2.2M

  ■ WolfMUD-linux-arm6.tgz
    WolfMUD for Linux/ARMv6 (Hard float)
    Note:   Suitable for Raspberry Pi A, A+, B, B+, Zero, Zero W
    MD5:    6a54496970fc679f580c08b96254c922
    SHA256: 234351999eb08a74d38c0bdb10065883c86f47d145ffcae1d46c57dfa95a10cf
    Size:   ~2.2M

  ■ WolfMUD-linux-arm7.tgz
    WolfMUD for Linux/ARMv7 (Hard float)
    Note:   Suitable for Raspberry Pi 2, 3.
    MD5:    c33ec711330a1d0888da41dccc819911
    SHA256: 0d867252d57cfc6f65467dca7ebccddeb3bf4a666828725ef8c49e364c8044fd
    Size:    ~2.2M

  ■ WolfMUD-linux-i386.tgz
    WolfMUD for Linux/32bit
    MD5:    1440782ecfd6b713e0c7154fa9e8b8d6
    SHA256: dbe82c7e9aa468bee56a42f7265c1242d2f4380662e868694e62755ed8582f33
    Size:   ~2.3M

  ■ WolfMUD-source.tgz
    WolfMUD source code gzipped tarball
    MD5:    ed4134846584703af41e9bc3061a7e54
    SHA256: d04e90e9533b07f26d196088351a9382ec7ed7e4a8bc9a59a7d6ee3ffccd30a1
    Size:   ~151K

  ■ WolfMUD-source.zip
    WolfMUD source code gzipped tarball
    MD5:    2f8bb2c9379166abd345e40a476dbc54
    SHA256: f04fe0f0a752874a5676796ab2174b04ce42a0c0e8561daaa9d1a10513b7070f
    Size:   ~237K

  ■ WolfMUD-windows-amd64.zip
    WolfMUD for Windows/64bit
    MD5:    628e7706cd11be0bdaf9d971457340d5
    SHA256: 0cd5a519d2b104b4d890c7f9e8fb4b9f702e312b508d02c972cfdafb47c578f9
    Size:   ~2.2M

  ■ WolfMUD-windows-i386.zip
    WolfMUD for Windows/32bit
    MD5:    93a1738fddb7f06c9439f07ff82e1223
    SHA256: d5d11628d63dee516cfee426a6d0062e19c3bed24d30d14c98461417aa2765ec
    Size:   ~2.1M