Mere — an insignificant trifle
                          of a programming language…

                               [ EARLY ACCESS ]

Mere is an experimental programming language in early development. You are
invited to try out Mere and find out more about the language via Mere ICE an
interactive coding environment for Mere.

For questions, comments or bug reports please email:

For bug reports, if possible please attach a saved copy of your code, or
copy‘n’paste is fine, so that the issue can be reproduced and debugged.

Please note: As this is early access, no code has been released yet. However,
Mere — and the interactive coding environment — will be available as Open
Source under a BSD 2-Clause license. Mere just needs some more work first.

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  ~ Mere ICE - Interactive Coding Environment
    A safe, browser based sandbox for playing with Mere. [USES JAVASCRIPT]